Trail: England Suff Groton Edwstone Wh Hse Gt Waldfield Priory Grn Bull Cr Wd Rse Grn P. Hth Brd St Grton (0)
Contributor: davidclowe Activity Type: Skating Difficulty: Expert Distance: 8.731 mi (14.051 km)
Description: Inline Skating - I have inline skated this route several times and enjoyed it - but it should not be attempted by other than the very skilled and well equipped, who should have shoes in their rucksack in case of breakdown/discomfort/lack of experience with gradients. I also use cross country ski sticks with rubber tips, for extra stability and pushing up gradients and Hypno Boots/Skates - the skates can be detached from the boots with this make.

Roads are generally lightly trafficed, but there are obvious risks.

Obviously undertaken entirely at the individual's own risk.
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