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Trail: Korat Thailand - Cycle ride from home to Thai lessons (0)
Contributor: chrisjwilliams279 Activity Type: Road Cycling Difficulty: Easy Distance: 3.307 mi (5.322 km)
Description: Home at 344/31 Moo9 Soi 49 to Usanee's Language School, ridden 3 times a week. Odometer reading for the round trip 11km.
Naknon Ratchasima (Korat) is a large city of about half a million people, second largest city population in Thailand, and largest city in area. The city terrain is almost completely flat as the district is a large salt basin, and this continues over a large part of the Province. Major highways are frequently two double carriageways or wider in each direction. Minor roads are wide enough for one lane in each direction with smaller lanes (Soi) even narrower.
Cycling is an acepted form of transport, most bicycles are low cost, heavy, steel framed, often with a pillion seat and foot-rests for the passenger. Korat is the centre of a large farming province and has several large markets; three-wheel cycle transport is a major form of transport around the markets and to take the produce to some parts of the city; three-wheel cycle rickshaws are also quite common for carrying people. All of the cycle traffic mixes with motorcycles, cars and four-wheel drive pick-ups, but is surprisingly safe.
Motorcycles are the most numerous vehicles, often carrying a family of up to five, father, mother and three smaller children; three students per motorcycle is a frequent sight. Korat has many universities.
Korat is tropical, 15 degrees north of the equator, and daytime temperatures range from 20 in the cold season to 40 in the hot season; cycling clothes must protect from the hot sun, sunburn and UV, plenty of water is essential for any long rides. The third season is the wet season with monsoon rain; it can still be hot, to the mid 30s, and have heavy rain, mostly for short periods, very occasionally Korat has a day of rain, but is still warm. In 2010 parts of Korat had floods of a metre or more in low areas.
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