Trail: 48/101 - Delhi to Agra by Enfield Bullet (0)
Contributor: BigEarth Activity Type: Motorcycling Difficulty: Hard Distance: 121.7 mi (195.857 km)
Description: If you go riding across America, it has to be on a Harley. In India, it has to be a Royal Enfield. We set off from Delhi at lunchtime, hoping to reach Agra, 125 miles away, by sunset. Immediately we were into some of the most chaotic riding of my life - weaving through cars, auto-rickshaws and horse-carts. For an experienced rider, it's testing but thrilling stuff, for anyone not completely confident, it would be hellish.

At the end of the journey, a treat lay in store. The final sliver of the sun was just dropping behind the horizon, turning the sky a flaming red, and there, on the far side of the river, was the beautiful white marble of the Taj Mahal.

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Extract from the book Big Earth - 101 Amazing Adventures published by Russ Malkin.

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