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Trail: West Wycombe Circular (0)
Contributor: mikebennett63 Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.777 mi (14.126 km)
Description: A nice route with good parking, steep start upto the monument, well worth the slight detour though. Caution needed at both crossings of the A4010 and at the railway crossing, stop for a drink at the pub in Saunderton if your not to early.

Navigation is easy but caution and good skills are required in the wooded areas as there are a choice of paths, i found it a little difficult at times and use a compass for confirmation on directions.

If your lucky pick up some fresh eggs from the lodge at Bradenhem its opposite the church and usually has a sign out, great for kids as all the eggs have the names of the chickens who laid them written on them.

There is also a cafe and bar at the caves which are well worth investigating.

Can get a little muddy and slippery in places but still a good family or dog walk, can be done in either direction.

Oh, dont forget to visit the Olde sweet shop on the West Wycombe high street on your way home.its on the North side of the high street just along from the phone box.
On Foot:
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