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Trail: Gowbarrow Fell (0)
Contributor: markroberts Activity Type: Trail Running Difficulty: Average Distance: 6.734 mi (10.837 km)
Description: "This bit here is called Priest's Hole," points Charlie. "There are lots of places here with names like that. They're all places where priests are thought to have hid during the dissolution of the monasteries. I'm not 100% sure on that. I'm maybe... 95% sure. You can quote me on that: 95% sure." This is the route Charlie took us on for our feature on page 32, and it's a fantastically varied run for such a short distance. Hurtle along the opening flat section, pausing briefly to look over at Ullswater and the undulation of fells behind, (that's the collective noun for fells, right?). After picking your way over the forestry track, the path narrows and curls around the base of Gowbarrow's crags, before barreling down the rocky descent towards Aira Force. The climb up to Gowbarrow is the only major ascent but it is steep and fairly sustained; luckily there are top-notch views from the summit on a clear day. The track down the other side weaves between clumps of shrubbery (no picket fences here though), until it loops back to the the track you started on.
On Foot:
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