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Trail: England Walton Backwaters Circumnavigation (0)
Contributor: davidclowe Activity Type: Sailing Difficulty: Hard Distance: 14.1 mi (22.692 km)
Description: Walton Backwaters Circumnavigation in Laser Dinghy

Wind Force 3-4 South

Basic Stats:
Distance: 14.1 mi
Elapsed Time: 2.24 hrs
Moving Time: 2.23 hrs
Av. Spd: 6.00 mph
Max Speed: 11.2 mph

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Getting tides and wind right for this is absolutely essential.

Island Road and a considerable area of mudflats either side of the Wade south of Horsey Island dries out, and the area southeand west of Skipper's Island is very shallow, and the route through unmarked.

You really need a wind on the beam or behind south of Skipper's Island, so you can have the centre plate largely raised, to reduce the risk of a jolting halt - you will invariably hit something shallow, however hard you scrutinise your route.

An interesting and satisfying experience.

More Detailed Stats:
HW Harwich:14.28
Earliest Start Time: 11.28
Actual Start Time:12.34
Island Road: Crossing Time 12.54
: Water Depth - Unknown But Plenty
R/O Skipper's Island: Time 13.13
: Water Depth Variable - down to 1 ft or so in places - but over an hour before high tide
Beaumont Quay Entrance: 13.24
Pickard Buoy: 13.54
Stone Marsh Inlets: Time 14.15
: Depth Variable - 1 ft or less in parts
Arrive back At WFYC: 14.58
Actual HW WFYC: 15.00
Tide Height: Spring Tide with reduced atmospheric pressure from earlier in the week. Tide high with road on east side of club house under water and saltings generally immersed - though with vegetation still visible.
On Water:
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