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Trail: Lads Leap (1)
Contributor: mickandwendy Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 6.186 mi (9.956 km)
Description: Park at the Crowden Car Park, After Crossing Crowden Brook and starting slowly uphill over sheep fields, The climb steepens considerably as you acend the northern side of the longdendale valley. Within a mile or so of the start though you have completed most of the 'going up' of this walk. After a flattish section the vista over Longdendale Valley below opens up as Coombes Clough cuts into the valley side at the Lads Leap waterfalls. Lads leap is a good spot for a picnic as in good weather it is a bit of a suntrap, and in poor weather there are plenty of rocky outcrops to shelter behind. Starting off once more, the walking continues to be level along the edge of the valley until you spot the path heading down towards some stiles in the wall some distance below you. Upon reaching the stiles you see that the valley side before you drops away much more steeply and a thin stoney path leads to the right over the scree from the abandoned picturesque quarry you reach next.. some old buildings and water tanks to stare down at and then the path broadens out into a still well made track leading down from the quarry to the reservoirs below. After Some final Zig Zags down to the main A628 road (which you must cross with care... the traffic can whizz past along here) A flat walk past the Rhodeswood and Torside reservoirs awaits, despite the fact you are never very far from the A628 now all the way back to Crowden, the road is above you and often completely obscured by the woods so the traffic doesn't impose itself on the walk at all, indeed the only transport you will be interseted in are the yatchs and dingys of Glossop Sailing club scudding about on Torside reservoir. One more crossing of the main road and you are back at your start point.
On Foot:
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