On Foot
Trail: Walsall (0)
Contributor: markroberts Activity Type: Trail Running Difficulty: Easy Distance: 9.133 mi (14.699 km)
Description: How excited was I to find this gem of a nature reserve in north Birmingham while I was on a course in Walsall? You might have seen my #shoeselfie on Twitter and my editorial banging-on-about-it last issue, too. I would strongly advise you to just do what I did - run around gleefully without a map just exploring the place. But if you do end up following this route, you'll very much enjoy the first uphill to the memorial, then the cool downhill through the forest, and best of all, the huge blue expanse of Bracebridge Pool. Who knew that underneath all that concrete, Birmingham's terrain is very much like the Peak District? Peaty, boggy, hilly, (on a smaller scale, granted), and wonderfully springy underfoot. If you run this route, or any of the 9 others here, take a #shoeselfie and share it on our social media - it's great to see what you get up to. See you on the trails.
On Foot:
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