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Trail: Welford - Sibbertoft - short (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 5.782 mi (9.306 km)
Description: This a reasonably nice walk, pleasant country side and some different terrain to see. There is good parking with room for quite a few cars just below the dam. Its reasonably well signed apart from the section from Sibbertoft to Sheep dip but the track is quite clear. There is a Pub very nearby at Welford Warfe that used to do meals although I haven't been in there for a couple of years. Its easily spotted as it looks like castle (nearly).

It took about 2 hours walking and 2:45 with stops.

The going was quite sticky from Sulby Lodge to Sibbertoft (going clockwise) as was the bridleway from Sibbertoft to the Sheep dip. Luckily the latter was downhill. It hadn't rained for a week and I expect this section would be very hard going when fully saturated.

On the section after it crosses the track to Sulby Lodge stay to the right and keep to the higher ground, dropping down to the style in the corner at the last minute. This bottom section is deep mud when wet - we got away with it as it was still semi-frozen. After the style this shorter walk departs from the longer 8 mile walk. We were feeling a bit delicate so decided to do the shorter. Will report on the longer one at a later date.

The last Section along the River Avon was very pleasant and easy walking (comparatively). I think this would be a very nice walk in the summer.
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