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Trail: Staverton - Shuck'boro - Catesby (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 9.192 mi (14.794 km)
Description: Total Time 4h 56 min Moving 3h 35 m
We parked near the green in Staverton, alternativley you might try the pub car park, by arrangement of course, which is opposite the path on the main road.
This is a very pituresque route but will be very muddy in wet weather for much of the NE sections from Catesby Viaduct to the Canal.
The paths arent very well signed from Shuckbrough to the viaduct.
Going anticlockwise from Shuckborough hall the signs dissappear after Park Farm until you get to the BYway. The Bywaygoes SE but there is a track to the left that links with the Bridleway to Catesby but no right of way it seems. If you stick to the official paths you will have to go th Hellidon. We had difficulty finding the path just before Catesby - going antclockwise after the footbridge with the footpath signed to the right, leave it to the right and keep going a short distance to the brick bridge and cross the stream there to the right.
After Catesby you bet some good vies of the Viaduct and the viws around this part of the walk are outsdanding.
On Foot:
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