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Trail: Sprotbrough plantation walk (0)
Contributor: GaryMad Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2.083 mi (3.353 km)
Description: A gentle walk around Sprotbrough plantation and SSSI site.
Park outside Sprotbrough Country Club. Walk towards cadeby and just after the school take a left into a little coppice. Walk through the coppice then straight ahead for 200m. Walk downhil keeping right till you reach some steps. Down, cross road, go left fo 20m then right through metal style , uphill and follow the path. When you rech the old railway line ( youwill know your on it because there are cuttings in both directions) coninue straight ahead for about 300m. Take the 2nd path to youe left. Walk through the ewe tree wood till you reach a path. cross the path and walk all the way down to the river. Go left along the river to the BOAT INN. Cross the road ( unless you have called in ) and take the steps uphill, up to the school and back to your car.
On Foot:
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