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Trail: Burroughs Hill (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 9.862 mi (15.871 km)
Description: Time moving - 3h 28m; total time 4h 35m. We parked in car park at the Burrough Hill Country Park (free at time of visit with WCs). Great views on this walk. Had intended to go via footpath from Twyford to Burrough on The Hill but were advised that there was a angry Ram in the field and would be best to avoid. So as we didn't want to get stuck in a rut we went up the Twyford Road. This turned out to be quit a good option as it runs along a ridge and you get great views on either side. We stopped in Twyford at The Saddle for a swift half - they let you keep your boots on if you stay off the carpet. Ashby Folville - you end up going through someones garden, Don't Panic! it is correct. Enjoy.
On Foot:
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