On Foot
Trail: Bucknell Woods nr Silverstone (1)
Contributor: rubyrider Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 4.24 mi (6.824 km)
Description: Start at a small road side car park [NN12 8TW] nearest postcode near Challock farm. Enter woods turn right follow the trail anti-clockwise. At the western end of the woods 52*5.860N 1*3.696W exist the woods right follow byway towards Wappenham Lodge, turn left at the pond following the footpath across fields SE, keeping Square Copse to your left heading towards Blackmire's Fm. Turn left back into Bucknell Wood along the main trail to the centre of the woods, turn right along byway until arriving at disused car park & pick nick site, bare left down passed the spring & back to car park.
On Foot:
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