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Trail: Otford, North Downs Way (0)
Contributor: verypail Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Hard Distance: 11.407 mi (18.357 km)
Description: A steep start onto the North Downs, Bluebells galore in Spring and lovely Kent Woodlands through Knatts & Eastdown Valleys, finishing with a steep descent to Otford.

Originally described by Country Walking / Trail - Get the blues.
Total Ascent: 409m
Total Descent: 409m

Start at Otford Railway Station - parking fees apply.

WPT 1 [Grid Ref.: TQ548594]
Walk out of the car park, go past the station and up steps. Turn R up the road and R at Pilgrim's Way East, then go L to follow the North Downs Way acorn sign (you'll be following the NDW for 5km). At the top of the ridge, cross a stile to walk along the R edge of a field to a road, keep ahead along the road. After 50m turn R on to a fenced path. Turn R at a lane and go L through white gates, then R along another fenced path.

WPT 2 [Grid Ref.: TQ568596]
At the bottom of steps carry straight on to emerge on the Downs (with a view of Kemsing ahead). Turn L, along the higher ground. Soon after passing a cross on your R, turn L over a stile. Cross a field to join a track going R. Keep to the R edge until the middle of the third field,when you cross a stile and continue to the road.

WPT 3 [Grid Ref.: TQ577597]
Turn L and soon R to head east across fields. In the far R corner of a field, cross a stile into woodland. Carry on along the L edge of a field to a cross-track.

WPT 4 [Grid Ref.: TQ574608]
Go L, leaving the NDW. At Drane Farm, R on the permissive path, then L between fields to a junction. Now go diagonally R (NNW) across a field to a tennis court. Go to the R, past a house, to the road.

WPT 5 [Grid Ref.: TQ575625]
Turn R and follow School Lane past the entrance to Belmont Park on the R. In 15m go L to follow a field edge into a wood. On emerging, go L to follow the field edge (crossing a difficult stile).Go R,with the trees still L, but with a fence R. You soon pass stables to join a track, which becomes a road swinging L between houses.

WPT 6 [Grid Ref.: TQ561639]
When the road goes R, continue north west on a narrow path. Maintain direction along the top of the ridge, keeping the houses R. When you arrive at a lawn in front of a white house, go forward to join a path which immediately turns R into a lane. Turn L and go down Botsam Lane to the bottom of the valley.

WPT 7 [Grid Ref.: TQ548615]
Cross the main road and walk up a hedged path, with a chicken farm L. Turn L on the ridge and keep to the main path through High Castle Wood. Pass R of a house on to a track,which develops into a lane.On reaching a road, go forward and, after passing three barns on the L, take a stile on the R to go across fields and through woodland to a road, where you walk along Romney Street.

WPT 8 [Grid Ref.: TQ543601]
Opposite the Fox & Hounds, turn L across a field to a stile. Bear L on a track to go along the L edge of a field. When it veers L continue over a stile and to a road. Turn L, then R over a stile, taking the R of two footpaths. Descend via woodland to a beautiful valley (Eastdown). Climb up the other side to a lane.

WPT 9 [Grid Ref.: TQ534593]
Turn R. When the lane turns sharp R continue ahead with a fence on your R to join a broader track, later going R of a mobile phone mast to a kissing gate. Climb up to the A225.Turn L. In about 200m go R between houses to cross the railway. Go diagonally L across a field to a lane.Turn L to the main road and walk back to the station.
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