On Foot
Trail: Scaldwell - Faxton (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 6.964 mi (11.207 km)
Description: Time moving - 2h 20m - total - 3h 11m (spent some time fiddling about taking photos). It would probably be better to walk this anti-clockwise as the western side has some great views over two valleys and the views would be in front of you rather than behind. As you can see i got lost after Faxton (going clockwise), the trail run across the field but i missed any signs and I couldn't see the way across. I ended up going round the field and cutting back along some tractor tracks to rejion the the path ( I'd seen where it was as a walking party was going the other way) - one of those time where you need to trust the GPS/map - see the other versio0n of this. - Happy trekking.
On Foot:
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