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Trail: Foxton - Saddington - Smeeton (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 7.947 mi (12.789 km)
Description: Time moving 2:50 - total time - 3:21
This is a very enjoyable walk with some historic intrerest at Foxton Locks and some interesting Architecture in Gumley. It was inspired by petehopewell's shorter walk nearby. There are great views from Smeeton Hill and the countryside is very picturesque. There is a bit of a diversion to look at the cricket ground in Gumley at the church - it must be one of the few pitches with a road running through the middle of it - it also gives good views over the valley to the South. I will be doing this one again in the summer as the weather was pretty miserable this time. The walking is fairly easy as most of it is over grazing land or canal footpath.
There is a Pub, coffee shop, public W Cs and a museum at Foxton Locks. Expect it to be very busy at weekends in fine weather. You can see the steep flight of locks and the inclined plane, which has now been revealed in all its glory.

I originally intended to start from the car park at Foxton Locks but this costs money so we started from Saddington Reservoir. There are a few parking spaces opposite the sailing club but I would not expect them to be available in the sailing season at weekends (or that you would be very popular with the sailing club if you did).
On Foot:
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