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Trail: Cottesbrook - Hollowell (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 5.969 mi (9.607 km)
Description: Time moveing - 3;32 - Time total - incuding lunch - 3:29. A leasurely stroll through really lovely countryside. I have been driving through this area for 30 years to sail at Hollowell and this is the first time I have taken the time to have a walk around the immediate area. It really brought home just how wonderfull the area is. The two valleys that this walk takes in are enchanting, espesialy in good weather. You also get a good view over a third vally accross Ravensthorpe Resovoir. If you wanted a longer walk you could link it up with the pathe from Coton to West Haddon, which in my view is an unrivaled piece if englich countryside. You could also take in Coton manor, famous for its Bluebells and bird life (its only open at random times so check before visiting.
On Foot:
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