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Trail: Snowdon to Nant Peris (0)
Contributor: PaulMW Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Hard Distance: 3.633 mi (5.846 km)
Description: The descent follows the Llanberis path as far as the Clogwyn train station and then finds a way down from the ridge down to Nant Peris.

Start: the wooden bridge at Blaen-y-nant, grid ref SH 623 570
If travelling by car, the car can be left at the car park in Nant Peris and a walk of 1.2 miles along the road (eastwards) will bring you to Blaen-y-nant.

Ascent of Snowdon
Follow the track over the bridge, and go over the stile ahead and cross another wooden bridge on the right. Turn left (South- West), heading up the hillside beside a stream towards Cyrn Las. After a short way the path becomes clearer. As the path levels out before you reach Cyrn Las, take a vague path that heads off leftwards across a stream heading for a gully in the cliffs to the left. Ascend this and continue towards the start of the Crib Goch ridge. Follow a vague path that zig-zags up across the scree to the start of the ridge. Now follow the impressive ridge, passing the point where the path from the Pen Y Pass meets it. The actual summit of Crib Goch is a little way beyond this. After the summit, you must tackle two rocky pinnacles. Probably the easiest way is to traverse around the left of the first, then climb to the top of the second from its right-hand side. Descend the other side to a good path which is followed to o Garnedd Ugain (Crib y Ddysgl). There is one brief section of steep scrambling on this ascent to the summit which is marked by a trig point. After a short descent from Garnedd Ugain, the path joins the main route up Snowdon from Llanberis. Follow this good track to the top of Snowdon.

Descent from Snowdon
From the summit of Snowdon head down the Llanberis Path to the Clogwyn train station. Continue along the ridge (the Llanberis path goes under the railway and heads over to the left here) to the left of a fence. Cross a stile in the fence (at SH 601 574) and look for a narrow path that descends the hillside towards the North-east. The path soon swings rightwards (East) and then back to the left. Eventually the path disappears but make for a ladder stile that crosses a wall (SH 607 576). Cross the stile and follow a good path North-westwards heading towards Nant Peris. Follow a good path to the left of a river. Cross the river using a footbridge and follow the path into Nant Peris.
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