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Trail: Moreton-in-the Marsh, Aston Magna, Blockley Circular. (0)
Contributor: mark271157 Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 12.003 mi (19.317 km)
Description: From the car park,walk through the arcade signed Access to High Street. Turn right onto High Street and walk up the road on the left hand side. At nearly the end of Moreton we turn left on the public footpath into the park. Follow the stream on the left then turn right through an avenue of trees to meet the road. Going through the gate, cross the road and go through the gate opposite into a field. Walk through the field diagonally left to the corner then go through the gate next to a dead tree. Head forwards following the hedge then go through a gateway and keep heading forwards until you come to a building in front of you. Turn left then right by the side of the building and follow the track. When you reach the end of some trees on the right, bear slightly right uphill then left downhill following the hedge to cross a stream. Now turn right and head towards a house. Just in front of the house turn right to go under the railway bridge then left and follow the path to Aston Magna. On reaching the village turn right then opposite the old church turn left and follow the road over the railway line and through the village. Keep following the road and when you come to the end of a wood on the right and a sharp right in the road,head forwards at the public footpath sign. Cross over two fields and then picking up the road again turn left to Draycott. At the cross roads turn right and follow the no-through road round to the left. Then head forwards on the path between the wall and the telegraph pole. Come out of some trees and head straight forwards over a field. In the second field bear left and come out at a road. Turn left then after a short way turn right at the public footpath sign through the hedge. Head forwards across the fields to a gap in the hedge and cross a tiny stream. Head forwards over the stile in the paddocks and walk down to the end of the hedge and turn right over a stile then head forwards passing the mill and mill houses to meet the road. Cross straight over and follow the track past a house and at the bend head forwards into a field and walk round the edge. Go through a few trees into another field and head forwards to a wall corner then bear slightly left uphill to the right of a row of houses. Go over the stile in the corner cross the road and over the stile opposite into the field. Head forwards until you come to a broken dead tree in the middle of the field. Then turn left and head uphill towards a gate and a lone tree and go over the stile to the right of the tree. Walk straight forward over the field to the road then cross straight over to take the lane opposite sign posted Back Ends. After a short way turn left at the green with houses in front of you onto a lane towards the church. Walk straight forwards over the road downhill to go through the churchyard then turn right along the road past Lower Brook House Hotel and restaurant on the left. Just after the last building turn left at the public footpath sign Heart of England Way head forwards uphill passing a farm on the left. At the top go over a stile and turn left. Go through a gate and turn immediate right and follow the path with the hedge on the right. At the road, cross straight over and follow the path on the Monarch's Way through the trees with the wall on our left. Come out of the trees and heading downhill come on to a track and follow the track which bears left. Make your way to the bottom and with a house on your left head straight forwards on a path marked with an arrow. Keep heading downhill through the field and pass to the right of the building ahead of you. Keep heading forwards to the left hand corner go through the gate and head forwards, still on the Monarch's Way through the fields until you arrive back at Moreton-in-the-Marsh. Then make your way back to the car park...via one of the excellent pubs!
On Foot:
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