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Trail: Cannock Chase (0)
Contributor: markroberts Activity Type: Trail Running Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.077 mi (12.998 km)
Description: This is quite a challenging route but the beauty of Cannock Chase is the ability to chop and change your route when you get to know the area better. Depending on your fitness, your route can be as hard or as easy as you like and it is easy to mix it up a bit so the same route doesn't become boring. Cannock Chase is quite a haven for walkers and mountain bikers; there are lots of spur-offs into trees and up hills and it can be a peaceful place if you are looking to escape from the herd. Located within the Chase are two war cemetaries, maintained by the Commonwealth and German War Graves Commissions respectively, and a monument to the Polish nationals massacred in Katyn during the Second World War. You can find out more about the history of these monuments and discover further trails at the visitor center, located on the other side of the chase on Marquis drive.
On Foot:
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