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Trail: Market Bosworth - Mallory park (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 9.117 mi (14.672 km)
Description: Full route not tried see notes - We stayed at the Bosworth Hall Hotel for a couple of days before Christmas (2010) and I set up some walks in the area. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad so we never got round to walking them. You can walk this from the Hotel. We did part of this one but turned right onto the BOAT after Brockley farm and up the A447, thinking we could cut down the track and join the route just before Manor Lodge Farm, but this proved to be a private road so we continued on and turned down the track at Island lane farm (missed the track to Woodside farm) after stopping to have a much needed coffee at the Woodlands garden centre. This made the walk much shorter but the trek along the A447 was not pleasant as there was a lot of traffic. This route would be hard going in wet weather as a lot of it is across ploughed fields. It was frozen solid when we did it but it didn't make it much easier. - happy walking!
On Foot:
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