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Trail: Maidwell, Kelmarsh, Draughton loop (1)
Contributor: rubyrider Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Average Distance: 4.421 mi (7.114 km)
Description: Starting at Draughton crossing car park on the Brampton Valley way Maidwell rd, Maidwell, NN6 9JF, head north along the Brampton Valley way until arriving at Green Lane Crossing [well signposted] Turn right follow track along the edge of the field until arriving parallel to the A14 on a paved road, follow track bearing off to the right towards Harrington Aviation museum [http://www.harringtonmuseum.org.uk/] there's a cafe here when open.
At Blue Covert turn right through the centre of the woods at the end of the tree line turn left following the track through the trees after exiting the trees turn right along the old runway, at the end of the runway turn right into Draughton. At the end of the village you'll come across a set of white wrought iron gates to the right there's a stile over the wall. Follow the track under the tree canopy and across the fields passed the pond and back on to the Brampton Valley Way turn right returning back to the car park.

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On Foot:
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