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Trail: Waternish Clifftop Circuit (0)
Contributor: gillwilliams Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 5.696 mi (9.167 km)
Description: Start from the carpark at Stein and follow the road up the hill round a right hand bend then a left hand bend. After approximately 500 metres go over a small bridge and then turn right through gates over a cattle gris (opposite the Gatehouse to Waternish Estate). Go up the track - at the top of the hill you go over a cattle grid and then shortly after turn right. Follow this track all the way up to the top of the hill next to an old quarry where you get sweeping views of the moorland all around. (Ignore the 'Path' finger post just before the top unless you want to shorten the route in which case turn left here, and follow path to the bottom end of the cliffs where you turn left and rejoin this route). Go over the top of the hill and start descending still on the forestry track. Eventually you will come to a sweeping right hand bend and at Waypoint 19 turn left onto a small track (signposted with another 'Path' sign). This will then lead you along over the top of the cliffs which provide exhillerating walking with plenty of points to stop and admire the views. The path eventually drops down to main forestry track where you can turn right and follow round to the left. This track will lead you all the way back to the cattle grid that you crossed earlier and back down to the finish. A straightforward walk over open moorland before dropping down onto the cliffs for amazing views across to the Trotternish Ridge and the Outer Hebrides. Also a wonderful vantage point for sea eagle spotting and deer. Start and finish at Stein carpark where you can look forward to a pint and food at the Stein Inn or seafood at Loch Bay Seafood restaurant (open Easter to October). This route can also be mountain biked but care must be taken over the clifftops, it is just a very narrow track in places so not for novices.
On Foot:
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