On Foot
Trail: High Street Range form Hartsop (0)
Contributor: DaveB1 Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Hard Distance: 10.463 mi (16.839 km)
Description: Starting form the Car Park at the end od Hartsop village. Follow the main path the Hayeswater. Then climb the path till it intersects the CtoC path turning right and The Knott. and heading towards High Street. From High Street retrace your steps to junction on Riggindale bearing right to Rampsgill Head, High Raise and finally to Kidsty Pike. Go back the junction and turn right aiming for Rest Dodd at the summit. Bear due west until you reach the CtoC path again. a turn right then almost immediately left will take you to Brock Crags. Retrace your steps to CtoC path and follow until the path down to Hayeswater and the Car Park become apparent. In mist the path to Rampsgill and Kidsty can be tricky. Take bearings.
On Foot:
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