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Trail: Grassington, river, strid, woods, limestone cove & valley, moorland. Perfection. (0)
Contributor: billhellewell Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.315 mi (13.382 km)
Description: Leave S corner of main car park via narrow track, Sedber Lane. Descend to the beautiful Wharfe, turn R. Follow path nearish river to road and cross. Continue by river. After enjoying sight of swirling waters of Ghaistrill's Strid, continue by river to a short rocky uphill climb. At top of that climb turn L but almost immediately take R fork which contours to road. At road turn L. Shortly before end of Grass Wood turn into it and take track ahead uphill. Later continue on main track as it bends R. At path Xroad go left up through Bastow Wood. After leaving wood and on approach to a wall, turn L. Cross head of what may remind you of a miniature Malham Cove. After leaving cove, path gradually descends to village of Conistone (no services.) At road turn R to reach junction, follow road R but as it immediately swings L go straight ahead on FP. You enter a small but delightful limestone valley. It is Conistone Dib, v narrow in parts and with short rocky scrambles but an adventure for all including kids under supervision. Higher up the Dib take R fork (you can take the L fork but slightly more tricky scramble at the top.) Either way on climbing out you reach the Dales Way FP. Turn R and follow Dales Way but on final approach to Grassington angle L ( not following Dales Way signs) to enter a stone-walled track into the village. It briefly becomes a tarmac road. At T-junction turn L to head of main street then R down through the charming village of Grassington. At the bottom turn L to return to car park. The walk is 8.4 miles but could be shortened a) at the start by leaving car park by main road down to Wharfe and joining the route there and b) after joining road beyond Ghaistrill's Strid not going into Grass Wood but continuing on road to Conistone. The walk is not suitable for wheels.
On Foot:
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