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Trail: helvelyn the pretty way (0)
Contributor: archfiddler Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 9.142 mi (14.713 km)
Description: from glenridding walk along paths by road until the end of Patterdale Hall grounds, go in and find path on side of stream. My favourite walk in the Lakes. Then onto the road by the bridge and straight up the contours past the dog kennels. up across contours till Hole in the Wall. long slog. down to Red Tarn then the hard bit up swirral edge (not as challangeing as Striding but nevertheless a scramble and climb in places, fun in fog!) Down to lower man, need map and compass in cloud (when dont you?!) to find path off to right on whiteside . back to youth hostel, dont continue down road, its soul destroying, cross bridge and follow trail along contours. Path at end Ive marked is my favorite but all paths are good, go and see Lanty's tarn if you have the energy and drop off Keldas - a surprisingly pleasant walk of itself
On Foot:
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