On Foot
Trail: Glenridding to Helvellyn and back via the Dodds (0)
Contributor: PJBURGESS Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Average Distance: 15.65 mi (25.186 km)
Description: Glenridding to Helvellyn and back via Raise - Stybarrow Dodd - Watsons Dodd - Great Dodd - Matterdale Common
This was a long day out - boots off was bliss - the 5 litres of water left on the parcel shelf was very warm enable Dave and me to take a strip wash and change into clean togs.
Blessed with great weather.
Experienced an inversion from the Helvellyn trig the descended into Grisdale leaving crystal blue skies for the rest of the day - special - didn't want to be anywhere else.
On Foot:
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