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Trail: Crick to Kilsby circular walk (0)
Contributor: rubyrider Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Average Distance: 5.12 mi (8.24 km)
Description: Starting at the Wheatsheaf, 5 Main Road, Crick, NN6 7TU, [http://www.wheatsheafcrick.com/],
With your back to the pub turn right down Main Rd, turn left at the Derry, picking up the path between the houses & gardens, once in the field follow the tracks baring left & uphill slightly follow tracks SW to Tunnel Farm continue down the farm road to Kilsby road. Turn right, after crossing the motorway pick up byway on right straight after the bridge. Follow this track until arriving at railway tunnels on left, pass under the railway, on the other side bare left across the field. At the top of the field, enter into next field keeping hedge row on right; continue through field to field with hedges on right. Finally exiting on A5 opposite the George at Kilsby.
Turn right along A5 until arriving at track heading up hill on the right [opposite Rugby Rd] Turn right up lane. Continue along lane passing farm and out buildings, until lane turns into bridleway. Head down the hill across field heading towards the railway. Through the tunnel, on opposite side turn left on byway then right along farm track, under the motorway until reaching Main Rd in Crick. Turn right heading back in to the village along Main rd. until arriving at the Wheatsheaf.
On Foot:
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