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Trail: Cotswold Way 3 2007 (0)
Contributor: Harpham Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.398 mi (13.515 km)
Description: The Cotswold Way Cleve Hill to Seven Springs
In 2007 my wife and I decided to take our Jack Russell Terrier walking along the Cotswold Way. We split the route into 8 stages and started on the 26th May 2007 in Chipping Campden, finishing in Bath on the 2nd June. We took 2 cars parking one at the end of the days walk and then driving to the start of the walk where we left the other.
We had excellent weather and our Jack Russell managed sections 1 to 7 when he cut a paw on some broken glass towards the end of day 7. Unfortunately we left him at home whilst we walked the last stage, I'm sure he would have walked the last stage without complaint but he would have been in pain.
This is our GPS trail we followed the route as best we could. Please remember that we did this walk in 2007 so some of the paths we took may have been re-routed since then.

If you undertake this walk and enjoy it, please leave a comment.
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