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Trail: Into the Nether regions and up a mossy ladder (0)
Contributor: rangerjohn Activity Type: Scrambling Difficulty: Hard Distance: 5.125 mi (8.248 km)
Description: Easy but interesting scrambling up two cloughs, and rough, pathless heather moorland. From Snake Summit, over the moorland to Red Clough, down to Ashop Clough, up Nether Red Brook, along Northern edge of Kinder to Fairbrook Naze, down the Naze on path until left turn (West) on moorland path in Ashop Valley (Black Ashop Moor). After roughly 800m, head down to Ashop Clough (stay near drainage ditch to arrive slightly east of footbridge to avoid steep ground). Scramble easily up Upper Gate Clough on a ladder of mossy steps (be caref ul of slippy rock and use the moss). This is a delightful and secretive little way up. After the rocky bed peters out, head North over Featherbed Top to the start. NB. I recently did this route and found that the bridge had disappeared -the clough can be crossed, but it was running fast and deep when we crossed it - even the shallows we found were above my gaiters on a very wet day
On Foot:
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