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Trail: Harley's Mountain (0)
Contributor: Slimbloke Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 5.079 mi (8.173 km)
Description: Yet to be tested...

From the Royal George Inn, walk south for 50 yards and then turn right by footpath sign. Almost immediately, enter the grounds of a white cottage and walk by the brook in the garden, crossing it over a wooden bridge.

Go through a gully and over a stile into a field. Keep close to the fence on the right and go through a gate into the next field. Go right, cross the nearby wooden bridge, go over a double stile and bear rightwards across a pasture to reach the gate seen ahead.

Turn left on to a lane at bend and, about 50 yards beyond a sign on the right saying 'No Footpath', take a little lane going uphill to the right. Go up to reach a telegraph pole with a walking sign, near a gate and an old ruin.

Turn right through some trees to reach another gate with an adjacent stile. Go over and walk through an avenue of hawthorns, with a stream below on the right. A fence-cum-stile gives access to a very pretty valley: keep on a line a few yards above the stream as there is no trace of the right of way shown bearing right on the OS map.

You will arrive at a fence and thick hedge, again with no trace of a through way: veer steeply uphill to the left to reach a wooden fence which can be used as a stile to gain a lane. Turn left and follow the lane, passing a bridleway to the right, all the way to a junction with another lane which services some isolated dwellings.

Turn right and follow this new lane past a large detached dwelling with a pink gable, to the right, and two dwellings, to the left, to reach 'The Red House', a white cottage on the right. Exactly opposite this there is a gap by a tree and small fir - turn left through the gap and, soon after, go through a gate and climb steadily uphill through an avenue of trees.

Some distance up this, the farmer has blocked the path with barbed wire across, but, fortunately, this is easily bypassed. Continue, to reach a gate, to the right, waymarked with two arrows, one yellow, the other blue. This is a good spot to survey the loneliness of the situation and the view of the surrounding hills, including the Radnor Forest.

Turn right through the gate and, if inclined, visit the trig, point summit of Harley's Mountain some yards away to the left. Now follow the near boundary, going through an iron gate and then another one where the hill dips away below. There are fine outlooks ahead and right from here. Bear slightly right over a field to find an iron gate on to a good track which leads to some corrugated barns in a group of pines.

Continue along the track, passing a small plantation, to the left, and noting Lingen nestling in the flat valley on the right. Descend via The Farlands, a farm complex, to reach a lane. Turn right and, after a few hundred yards, just beyond a bungalow and a cottage, locate a signed stile in the hedge to the left.

Go over to reach a field path. Head for a gate with a stile to its left and, beyond, head for the church spire by going over a wooden bridge and several stiles. Pass the motte and bailey, to the left, and enter the church grounds over a stile. Exit left on to a lane and turn the corner back to the start.
On Foot:
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