On Foot
Trail: Broughton Astley Dog Walk 3.5 miles (0)
Contributor: drakeit Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 3.494 mi (5.623 km)
Description: This walk is shown as starting from Hobby Close and goes by the Bulls Head, White Horse and Red Admiral public houses. It then takes you up Speedwell Drive and onto Clump Hill, at this point there are well walked tracks around several fields and then rejoins the footpath that takes you back through what is locally known as the Jelson Estate. The footpath then goes through to Old Mill Rd, by the church and back towards the village centre.

The path on Clun Hill is muddy in the winter and there is only one climb over style which my father in his 80's has no problem with but may cause concern to the less agile.

This walk is ideal for dog walkers and would make a lovely evening walk in the summer.
On Foot:
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