On Foot
Trail: Redmires & Stanage Pole from Moscar Heights (Circular) (0)
Contributor: Eujy Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.084 mi (13.01 km)
Description: A small layby on the B road at Moscar Heights provides ample parking. Follow the B road eastwards to Crawshaw Lodge then turn right & drop down to Surrey Farm. Cross the A57 and keeping Head Stone on your right, climb to the conduit. Turn left and follow the conduit to the reservoirs. Turn right and follow the road to the end and keeping the trees on your right, climb up to Stanage Pole. Carry on over to Stanage edge and while staying on the top of the crags at all times, follow it northwards to the A57 at Moscar Lodge. Cross the road and follow the track past the lodge bending round to the right to meet the start point.
On Foot:
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