On Foot
Trail: Rothswaite - Keswick T (0)
Contributor: mad_drongo Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 9.063 mi (14.586 km)
Description: Time moving - 3:08 h - time total - 4:14 - inc stop for lunch
An easy stroll from our hotel in Rosthwaite down Borrowdale and alongside the lake to Keswick Bus Station. Very picturesque. Well worth the walk in its own right or as, in our case, an alternative to a high walk in bad weather. We caught a bus back to Grange (about £2.00 - every hour at 25 past but check times of operation) and walked the rest (this distance not included in the total) or you could get the ferry back to the South end of the lake or walk the whole way I guess?
On Foot:
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