On Foot
Trail: from station to station without a train (0)
Contributor: pacman64 Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 8.995 mi (14.476 km)
Description: Very nice easy walk with only one big climb. Park at the old railway station at Biddulph its free all day.
Head down the old rail track towards Congleton . At the canal bridge turn left up the hill to the canal. Turn right onto the canal and stroll along untill bridge 35 at ackers cross. a little very quite rd work and nip under the railway following the cheshire way all the way up to Mow Cop where you turn left travling along past the telcom tower still following the path you come out on the rd where you turn left follow the rd down till the trig point the footpath accross the rd then takes you all the way back down to biddulph at the bottom of the path turn left at the end of the lane turn right a few yards and your back. Fantastic views all day long.
On Foot:
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