On Foot
Trail: TR 2016 AprMay Loch Ard (0)
Contributor: markroberts Activity Type: Trail Running Difficulty: Average Distance: 13.026 mi (20.963 km)
Description: The route follows mainly forestry roads with a few smaller, rougher tracks. There are many options to lengthen or shorten it. On the shores of Lochan Spling and Loch Ard you follow the sculpture trail encountering giant dragon flies, fish and red squirrels fighting off the grey invaders. The steep climb up to the viewpoint over Aberfoyle is well worth the effort, with a few steep steps to break the rhythm. Much of the route is in conifer plantations, with a few pockets along Loch Ard of oak woodland. The path offers gorgeous views and, on a still day, reflections of the mountains opposite can be seen. The small loop round Rob Roy's cave is my favorite bit: twisting and turning with steep drops. When you climb to the higher road above Loch Ard, you fully appreciate the vista around you across to Ben Venue. On the return, the path swings right at Lochan Ghleannain and follows the river Forth for a section.
On Foot:
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