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Trail: Aber to Y Drum return via Llyn Anafon service track (0)
Contributor: tonybrindley Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 6.587 mi (10.601 km)
Description: Scenery spectacular over Menai Straights, Angelsey, the Great Orme, Llandudno, Conwy, views to Cumbria on a clear day.

I liked this walk for the variety of scenery, the coast is almost always in view from Angelsey to Rhyl. Whilst all of the usual spectacular Snowdonia views are also to be seen once you have reached Y-Drum. It is also possible to take along partners or friends who would not normally be quite so confident of climbing a mountain, that said if you are in the company of an unconfident of inexperienced climber then it would be advisable to return by the same route as the ascent.

Easy tracks to the top of Y-Drum (pronounced Y-Drim) steady climbing on a steep farm vehicle track.
Made for military vehicles during the last war. Although this is a walking track, it is steep and frequently has running water down it, so good walking boots (not shoes) are recommended.
The walk to the top should allow at least 1.5 hours for a good walker. The fells, all the way up, are frequented by wild ponies, expect to see 30 or 40 ponies during the walk.

Starting from the small car park about 1 mile above the Aber Falls. (Extremely narrow lane.)
There is a choice of using the kissing gate at the back of the car park which continues up alongside of the stone wall untill it joines the main track after about 200 metres. Or through the vehicle gate at the far end of the car park, follow the zig zag track upto the main track and then turn left. The two routes join up after about a few hundred metres.
For the first 1.8 km of the walk you will be following a line of Electricity Pylons, they will make a useful marker for the return journey, whichever way you return.

The route just follows the main vehicle track all the way up to Y-Drum. if there is any doubt of the correct route to take always follow the righthand vehicle tracks.
Y-Drum will only be visible on the final leg of the climb from about 300 metres away. If there is some doubt as to whether you are on the correct peak ~ (it is possible to mistakingly climb "Carnedd y Ddelw" which is about 300 metres off to the left of the track) ~ Y-Drum is right at the end of the track and about 10 metres off to the left, where you will find a much needed circular stone shelter. A new gate gives access to the top of the peak at 770 mtr.
(This is also an access point for the rest of the Carneddau and some 3000 footers, but that is for another day)
Decide if you are going to return by the same route, an easy walk down in about 1 hour if you are a good walker Approx 5.5 km.
Desend to Llyn Anafon Reservoir, this takes approx 30 minutes of downhill scrambling through grassy marsh land. I could find No tracks shown on the 1: 25000 OS map, so care needs to be taken to avoid the risk of ankle injury, and boots are most definately required.

- Via Llyn Anafon -
Leave Y-Drum and turn left (roughly South), pick your way along the marshy path for about 300/400 metres untill you pass a style in the fence to your left, make your way over to the edge of the cym leading down to the Llyn Anafon reservoir and pick out a suitable route from this point, be aware that there are many sheep and pony tracks going down the cym but all tend to peter out after a hundred metres or so, only to reappear a bit further on. the descent is not steep but is very slippery and springs appear frequently creating deep holes for the unwary to step into.
Head for the reservior and join the vehicle track coming away from it, follow this track for as far as you can see it, untill it rounds (to the right) around the side of a mountain at a height of about 100 metres. (You will also be able to see the Pylons crossing the valley in the distance) Carry on around the mountain and as you do so you will see the road to the car park below you and the car park will soon come into view. Continue on the track through the gate and a short track joins from the left, take this track down to the Car Park.
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