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Trail: Cabane de l'Alp (0)
Contributor: GravityGuiding Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2.086 mi (3.358 km)
Description: This route starts at the lofty altitude of 2400m. There is a good dirt road up to the car park at the Cabane de l'Alp
From here follow the Torrent de l'Alp up towards the Crete des Prenetz and the Tete de Vautisse.
There is a spot height at 2706 on the map, and you can walk up this far without any great difficulty and return to the car park over the rolling hillside using whatever route you please.
The initial altitude does mean it will be cool, so take appropriate clothing. It does also mean that you are high enough to gain fantastic view in all directions - soak them up.
This is a great spot for a picnic.
On Foot:
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