On Foot
Trail: Tour du Lot - Stage 6 (day 2 of 2) (0)
Contributor: mlewis Activity Type: National Trails Difficulty: Average Distance: 14.598 mi (23.493 km)
Description: Limogne en Quercy to Saint-Paul de Loubressac. This is stage 6 of 14 of the Tour du Lot, a circuit of over 500km around the Department of the Lot's periphery. Most of the 14 stages are walked over 2 days. The terrain is varied and includes long, steep climbs. The terrain is varied and includes long, steep hill climbs. If you can walk around 20km a day in these conditions then this is an average walk. If you can't then it's hard. See http://maradene.net/tour-du-lot/ for more details.
On Foot:
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