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Trail: 14HayasCrec (0)
Contributor: EuroExplorer Activity Type: Hiking Difficulty: Average Distance: 5.948 mi (9.573 km)
Description: 14 Las Creces - Roundabout Route
Walk 14 from Walk La Gomera by Charles Davis, published by Discovery Walking Guides Ltd.
Exertion Rating 3 of 5, Time 2.5 hours, Distance 10 kilometres, Ascents 300 metres, Descents 300 metres, Circular walking route. Note track break in forest.
© Copyright Discovery Walking Guides Ltd. All rights reserved. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure these walks are safe and correctly described. However things do change and all outdoor activities involve a degree of risk. The publishers accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any injuries or accidents that occur whilst following this walk.
On Foot:
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