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Trail: Casares Walks: Fantastic Forms of the Meseta (0)
Contributor: simonwater41 Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 2.586 mi (4.162 km)
Description: This route explores a small part of the karst plateau of La Utrera, an area of limestone carved into weird shapes by the action of wind and rain. The route starts at Los Llanos and takes a small path that climbs up the left side of the canyon. It soon branches off to the left where there is a fainter track leading up to the plateau. Once there, there are many paths to explore. The route comes down the same way, but turns left to follow the path for a distance up the side of the gorge before returning to Los Llanos. To get to the start of the route, please see http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=2454607. The video can be seen at http://youtu.be/SYsjDmrw690.
On Foot:
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