On Foot
Trail: Casares Walks: by the Canuto Chico (0)
Contributor: simonwater41 Activity Type: Walking Difficulty: Average Distance: 1.382 mi (2.224 km)
Description: This short route gives us a view of the Canuto Chico, a junior relation to the Canuto de la Utrera. It can be combined with the La Utrera Circular. There are some sharp thorn bushes along this route. The route is also shown in the Birding Map of the area. The kestrel is a resident here, and the Short-Toed Eagle, Woodchat Shrike, Spectacled Warbler, and Tawny Pipit breed here. A migratory visitor is the Honey Buzzard. The video at http://youtu.be/rT41xZuLh3g shows aspects of the walk.
On Foot:
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