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Trail: Stabros tis Psokas Mountain Loop (1)
Contributor: spurchall Activity Type: Road Cycling Difficulty: Hard Distance: 57.524 mi (92.575 km)
Description: A fast flat run along the coast soon turns into a solid climb up into the Troodos mountains. Be sure to take enough water as the next stop past Pachyammos is Stabros tis Psokas, 20 miles away after more than 1km of climbing. There are two main peaks: the first at 875m then the top at 1046m. Beware that there is a 100m climb out of Stabros tis Psokas. Do not attempt if there has been heavy rain the day before which often cause rocks to litter the otherwise good road surface. If you are lucky you may see the legendary Mouflons and snow at the top.
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