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Mountain bike holidays in the Alps

Many biking enthusiasts dream about mountain bike holidays in the Alps. The region is one of the best areas for downhill biking and, of course, offers some spectacular views of the world famous mountain range. But the big question is, … Continue reading

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Ibiza bike routes

When you think of Ibiza the first image that springs to mind undoubtedly involves drunken Brits, massive super clubs and sunbathing on crowded beaches. But did you know that Ibiza sports some great bike routes and mountain biking facilities? Hopping … Continue reading

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Pyrenees bike trails and events

The Pyrenees, nestled between the boarders of France or Spain, is probably best known by cyclists as a pivotal leg in the most famous cycling event in the world – The Tour De France. But the Pyrenees also offers a … Continue reading

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Mountain biking in the UK: Five things to take with you

If you’re planning a mountain biking route in the UK you need to make sure you’re well-prepared for any eventuality. But of course, you don’t want to take the kitchen sink with you. So we’ve rounded up the five most … Continue reading

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Mountain biking pedal tips

So you’ve got your dream bike, picked a mountain biking UK route on Trailzila, and you’re ready to put rubber to dirt. But wait! Do you really know how to pedal? Mountain biking UK, pedaling tips Here’s our top tips … Continue reading

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Top Mountain Biking Techniques

When out biking in the wilderness, following a few simple procedures will ensure that you remain upright for longer and avoid any unnecessary accidents. Look at where you want to go. This may seem obvious, but it is in fact … Continue reading

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