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Walking maps: Reading tips

If you’re new to using walking maps, planning walking routes, or orienteering in general, then you might want to take heed of our top map reading tips for beginners. Remember, Trailzilla features loads of walking maps and pre-made walking routes, … Continue reading

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French maps online

France has some of the best scenery and historical sights anywhere in Europe, making it an ideal place for walking, cycling and hiking. But where to start? Well, we’ve rounded up a few route ideas that you can plot on … Continue reading

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How to Read Contour Lines on Maps

For those just starting to hike, mountain bike, ski or kayak, it can be a bit tough to make sense of all of the markings usually found on topographical maps these days. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that … Continue reading

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The Basics of Map Reading

While out and about, whether hiking, boating or flying, it is important to know where you are going at all times. For this reason, you will need to bring along some sort of chart that clearly shows the surrounding landmarks … Continue reading

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