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Lake District walks, staying safe

The Lake District is one of the most popular beauty spots in the UK and naturally attracts thousands of walkers ever year. Embarking on a Lake District walk is something all avid walkers have done at some point or another, … Continue reading

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Walking maps: Reading tips

If you’re new to using walking maps, planning walking routes, or orienteering in general, then you might want to take heed of our top map reading tips for beginners. Remember, Trailzilla features loads of walking maps and pre-made walking routes, … Continue reading

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French maps online

France has some of the best scenery and historical sights anywhere in Europe, making it an ideal place for walking, cycling and hiking. But where to start? Well, we’ve rounded up a few route ideas that you can plot on … Continue reading

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Planning Your Next Hiking Holiday

If you are thinking about going out and exploring the wilderness for an extended period of time, it is important to undergo a few initial preparations so that you can then enjoy your journey without experiencing any dangers or inconveniences … Continue reading

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Top Five Global Climbing Spots

Here is a list of climbs that rank among the world’s top destinations when it comes to natural beauty and a challenge worthy of the best climbers out there. 1. Nameless Tower, Pakistan – Over 20,000 feet high, this awe-inspiring … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Route

So that you enjoy yourself more while out exploring the countryside, it is important that your chosen trail is not too difficult. Continue reading

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Hiking Route Mud Warnings

Wouldn’t it be nice, if along with the usual chance of rain and pollen count, the weather man would issue mud warnings for popular walking and hiking trails? Even weeks after a heavy period of insistent, torrential rain certain areas … Continue reading

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