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Cycling to Work, fit regular exercise into your schedule

The Daily Mail reported this week that cylcing to work could add 5 years to your life. Apparently a study in Denmark has found that men who cylcled fast and intensly survived 5.3 years longer, while men with average intensity … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey Map Symbols

Originating in 1791 from the Board of Ordnance – the defence ministry of the day, Ordnance Survey is best known today for its paper maps. Ordnance Survey produce around 650 different recreational and leisure maps, including maps for walking maps … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey Maps

There are several different types of OS Maps produced by Ordnance Survey suited to specific uses. The most commonly known are the OS Explorer Maps and the OS Landranger Maps. The OS Explorer Map uses a 4cm to 1km (2½ … Continue reading

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Essential Mountain Biking Tools

Preparing for an upcoming cycling trek through the wilderness involves more than just poring over the latest mountain biking maps to ensure that you reach your destination as planned. You will also require the following assortment of tools to optimise … Continue reading

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