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Cycling to Work, fit regular exercise into your schedule

The Daily Mail reported this week that cylcing to work could add 5 years to your life. Apparently a study in Denmark has found that men who cylcled fast and intensly survived 5.3 years longer, while men with average intensity … Continue reading

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French maps online

France has some of the best scenery and historical sights anywhere in Europe, making it an ideal place for walking, cycling and hiking. But where to start? Well, we’ve rounded up a few route ideas that you can plot on … Continue reading

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5 great cycle route ideas

The UK is full of great cycle routes, from historical tours, to journeys that show off the best of the British countryside. So we thought we’d round-up a few of our favourite cycling locations to give you some ideas for … Continue reading

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The Best Motorbikes for Trail Riding

When biking out in the wilderness, what is the most important thing to have with you? The answer, which may be so obvious that it may escape some people, is a fast bike. Now, we’re not talking about top speed … Continue reading

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Cycling Route Trails

It’s a beautiful day. The sun has brightened up the skies, and you are eager to oil your bike and get out and enjoy the good weather with some cycling. Route chosen, you are just thinking that days outdoors don’t … Continue reading

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