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When exploring a new trail on horseback, it is important to obey a few important guidelines so that you protect the environment and keep the surroundings safe and beautiful for other people.

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  • Stick to designated horse riding routes.
  • Avoid jumping over any obstacles that may lie in your path.
  • Shut gates behind you as you pass.
  • Don’t disturb any sheep, cattle or wildlife that you may encounter.
  • Keep off footpaths and other trails marked as off limits to horses.
  • Ride slowly on tracks with restricted visibility.
  • Take litter home with you and don’t drop cigarette butts.

Also remember to plan ahead and tell someone where you are going. Try and aim to be back before dusk to ensure the safety of both you and your horse. Finally, you should check and double check a good map so that you know exactly how to get to your destination. – Free maps, routes and trailz online.

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