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If you are thinking about purchasing a new kayak, you should first realise that there are three types available on the market.

On Water - kayaking

  • Sit on Tops: These are the most basic kayak available and, as expected, you simply sit on top of them. There is no need to learn the Eskimo roll and, if you get knocked off, you can then hop back on with ease.
  • Sports Kayaks: Another basic model, this one has a large cockpit for easy entry and exit. The paddler sits inside the boat instead of on top of it, making this a perfect starting point for those looking to move to a more professional model later on.
  • Inflatable Kayak: Easy to store and transport, these are a great idea for those looking for a convenient model of kayak. They are not designed for wild rivers though as their bottom can be easily punctured.

Once you decide on which kayak you want, you can then look at other important aspects such as kayaking maps, vehicular racks and travelling equipment. After this, you will be all set for an amazing holiday on the water! – Free maps, routes and trailz online.

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